Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz

Posted by Robert Smith
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Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz


Odd Thomas has a way with the dead. They never talk to him, but they do try to communicate. Short-order cook is his day job. Other times he is trying to do right by the dead souls who come to him. Sometimes they seek justice. Sometimes they want to help prevent a disaster.

When a mysterious man comes to town, Odd finds a pack of hyena-like shades following him. Further investigation shows the man has an interest in mass killings. There is also an ominous date added to the mix, leaving Odd 24 hours before evil strikes. With Stormy Llewellyn, his beloved, the ghost of Elvis, and a host of other friends, Odd must stand between evil and his home of Pico Mundo.


Odd Thomas is set in a desert community of Pico Mundo and centers on a psychic named Odd Thomas. When a large man enters the Pico Mundo Grill where Odd works, Odd immediately notices shadow creatures around him: harbingers of a looming cataclysm. The story is told in the first person. The elements of the story should make it interesting. However, the first person nature of the story causes Mr. Koontz to delve into long expositions. These are explanations the reader will likely find confusing. The result is a book that is hard to follow.