Invisible - James Patterson & David Ellis

Posted by Sheri Smith
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Invisible - James Patterson & David Ellis

Invisible wins the distinction of the first (and so far the only) audiobook i’ve been unable to finish. I listen to close to a hundred audiobooks a year and this is on the short-list for the worst piece of pulp fiction i’ve ever encountered.

the plot is paper thin, characterization non-existent, dialogue canned, and the actual writing (word smith) is akin to 8th grade tween.

how this book got published, i have no earthly idea like all of this authors works - all i can say is he should be ashamed to collect any size of of paycheck.

the audiobook itself is just about as trashy and shabby as the writing, full of eerie background sound effects and very poor (but overly dramatic / over acting) readers. i would have preferred to suffer through scooby doo and a valley-girl-with-a-tooth-ache take turns reading this ‘book’.

if the state of literature is in jeopardy the state of trash YA fiction lays somewhere in dante’s eighth circle of hell. i’ve read fan fiction of harry potter written in crayon that has more substance.

i can’t plead my case strongly enough not to buy this book, or support the author. ymmv but you’ve been warned.